FloatCloud is designed to deliver the same enterprise level of flash storage that Fortune 1000 companies use to any business that wishes to accelerate their access to critical structured data. FloatCloud drastically reduces the overhead costs typically associated with flash storage.

FloatCloud helps small and medium sized businesses turn critical information into actionable insights that accelerate your line of business. With FloatCloud, you can:

  • Speed up key processes and remove bottlenecks
  • Reduce storage total cost of ownership and operating expenditures
  • Take advantage of new opportunities more quickly

Customization is key: every customer works with our IT Architecture team to tailor our services to your unique needs.

In partnership with Violin Memory, our “backbone” utilizes nothing but the finest flash memory arrays available in today’s market, but at a fraction of the cost you’d expect.

In short, we offer flash storage to our patrons at a cost much lower than what is typically associated with SSD. From 1 terabyte to multi-petabyte scenarios, FloatCloud

meets your needs at a cost your business can afford.

CEO/CTO Carlos “Art” Nevarez

Technologist, developer and serial entrepreneur Carlos Nevarez has been involved in several of the tech world’s hottest startups, including FusionIO, Violin Memory, BizzBlizz, and now FloatCloud. Carlos provides the leadership necessary to build world-class infrastructure, bringing decades of experience in protocols, languages, and infrastructure development, especially in the fields of networking, storage, and cloud computing.